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Piano Scales

Learn how to play scales in every key on the piano with simple and easy to understand charts and explanations.

Piano Chords

Explore the entire landscape of piano chords and learn to play them with clear and concise fingering and voicing charts.

Piano Arpeggios

Expand your knowledge of the piano and ability to create beautiful accompaniments by learning arpeggios.

Reading Music

Learn how to read piano sheet music so that you will have the tools to learn any piece of music on your own terms.

Finger Exercises

Our extensive library of finger and rhythm exercises will help you ingrain what you learn through purposeful repetition.

Advanced Gestures

Delve into more complex and difficult techniques such as wrist rotation, trills, ornaments, tremolos, glissandos, and more.

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Browse articles on how to practice piano properly, where to find the best lesson materials and instruments, and how to approach the most common problems and obstacles facing aspiring pianists.

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