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Transform Yourself Into The Pianist You Were Meant To Be

Break through roadblocks with clear, efficient, and signature strategies to finally play with confidence and truly express yourself with artistic conviction.

With the proper framework, you can finally end your frustration at the piano.

Are you struggling because you don’t know how to break through obstacles in your piano playing?

Instead of spinning your gears endlessly without results, imagine being able to clearly articulate your aims and take the steps to reach them. Your practicing feeling productive and satisfying because the work, focus, and energy you put in actually pays off.

With the right framework, you can approach any piece of music with the conviction and confidence of a true artist. 

piano frustration

Have traditional piano lessons or online "courses" left you feeling stuck?

You’ve been working on your music for years, doing your best to find your own way, but it seems like you have been stuck in the same place year after after.

But there seems to be a disconnect between the time you’re putting in and the results you’re seeing in your playing. You may even have given in to the frustration and “quit” piano more than once in the past.

That’s why I created the VitaPiano Coaching Program.

I help pianists transform from students into artists.

Hi, I’m Loren Fishman, I’m a concert pianist, college music professor, and founder of VitaPiano. I’ve been teaching and mentoring adult pianists of all levels for over 20 years. 

I’d like to help you discover a clear, effective, and repeatable method for learning and playing piano that allows you to streamline your learning process and interpret music with true conviction.

This is not a traditional weekly one-on-one lesson or a pre-packaged, “one size fits all” online course. It’s a completely tailor-made program designed personally for you to achieve your goals. 

How it Works

This is NOT a pre-packaged "course" but a bespoke program. You will have personal instruction and a complete learning framework tailor-made for you


Technique Refurbishing

  • Fine-tune your piano skills, amplifying your strengths and transforming areas for growth.
  • Bridge any current gaps in technique, theory, and reading.
  • Lay a robust foundation to ensure no technical setbacks in your musical journey.

The Artistic Image

  • Move beyond the notes and grasp the true meaning of your music.
  • Transform the abstract aspects of interpretation into concrete, tangible understanding.
  • Learn to communicate through music as if it’s your native language.

Pianistic Pattern Recognition

  • Transform your learning from aimless to laser-focused.
  • Master the art of spotting patterns, sequences, and the hidden formulas in your score.
  • See through the chaos and unlock your music’s source code.

Intentional Execution

  • Optimize your personal learning process for a clear vision to meet your goals.
  • Implement proven practice strategies: efficient repetition, time management, and energy allocation.
  • Learn how to organize a practice plan for continual improvement and efficiency.

An immersive 12-week program

Spend 12 weeks learning my framework to save you years of studying outdated textbooks at a university and thousands of wasted hours scrolling through YouTube tutorials.

Ready to Go?

Ready to take your piano skills to the next level? Get in touch and let’s unlock your full potential as a pianist. 

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